• Spring and Fall System Tune-Ups

  • Air Conditioning Service

    Maintenance on your air conditioner is very important to the life of your system, the efficiency, and the chance of needing emergency AC repair. By cleaning and maintaining your air conditioner on an annual basis will help lessen your chance for needing AC repair. It is recommended that you have a licensed contractor perform the maintenance on the system, as they can check refrigerant levels, safety controls, operating charge, electrical connections, as well as thoroughly clean the outdoor unit of debris and blockage from the summer and winter months. Call us today at 817.966.7753.!

    Just Right Maintenance Program

    Just Right Air and Heat offers a membership program where we come out on an annual or semi-annual basis to perform a full cleaning and tune up on your HVAC system. As a maintenance member, you also get discounts off AC repair services, priority scheduling, discounts off of installation of heating, cooling, indoor air quality systems, and more!

    Maintenance Includes

    • Check refrigerant level and adjust (may result in additional charge if low)
    • Clean outdoor condenser coils
    • Check for correct air flow
    • Measure temperature differential
    • Test starting capabilities
    • Test safety controls
    • Lubricate moving parts
    • Clean and treat condensate drains
    • Clean or replace filters (if provided)
    • Check electrical connections

    Lack of maintenance is the number one reason for system breakdown and failures necessitating AC repair services. Taking care of simple maintenance issues can save you money on your energy bill while prolonging the life of your equipment.

    Don’t wait until it is a hot Texas summer day or the start of winter to call Just Right Air and Heat. Schedule your air conditioner and heater maintenance today at 817-966-7553 or request a maintenance appointment here.