• Generac Generator Installation

  • A permanently installed Generac Generator can be a great resource for your family to ensure uninterrupted electrical service when the primary power grid goes out.  Texas sees its fair share of intense storms, and these can create power outages for a few hours, and can even last for a few days.  You may have a back-up battery for your home computer, but this won't keep your refrigerator and freezer running for long.  A home equipped with a Generac Generator can even be assured of having air conditioning and hot water so that you can continue on without any disruption in your routine.

    Generac generators are the preferred equipment used by homeowners who want to protect themselves with uninterruptable power.  Today, 7 out of 10 homeowners choose Generac when investing in home backup power.

    Contact Just Right Air & Heat with any questions you may have about the right size equipment for your home.  We are happy to meet with you in your home to evaluate your needs and outline the options.

    The installation is completed by Keith Capo, a licensed electrician, who works for Ecovolt Electical in Euless.  Their license number is 27672, and their licensing information can be found here.

  • The Generac generator sits outside the home like an air conditioning unit.  It's powered by natural gas or liquid propane, depending on what you have access to in your home.  Typically, liquid propane is stored on-site, and you control the amount and frequency of your refueling.  Natural gas lines are typically not impacted by thunderstorms, wind, or ice, so enduring a loss of available natural gas has a much smaller chance of occurring than a loss of electrical power.

  • Want to learn more about the Generac Generator system?  Check out the brochure to the right for an overview of the different systems available.  We would love to review these options with you in person, and talk to you more about how these AUTOMATIC stand-by generators will give you piece of mind.