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  • HVAC Repair or Heater Replacement

    Unfortunately, heaters and heat pumps weren't designed to last forever, and eventually an HVAC repair technician will recommend replacing your unit.  Here again, we'll review your situation and recommend a good solution for YOU and YOUR family, and not just whichever model happens to be leftover from last year.  The heater that you need in North Texas will differ greatly than the one your cousin needs in Green Bay.  You'll want something reliable, but not something that has to deal with -20 degree temperatures for a week straight. Just Right Air & Heat works on all makes and models of heaters, furnaces, and heat pumps, and we recommend American Standard products when it comes to replacing the unit in your home.

    Heaters or Furnaces

    Heaters in the DFW Metroplex typically run on electrical power, and many people utilize natural gas as well.  There are pros and cons to each power source, so it's good to understand what's available for your home, and which would be the most economical for your structure, location and usage.  Your HVAC repair specialist will have additional facts to analyze your situation.  (The answer for someone who lives alone in a 1,500 square foot house is going to be vastly different than the family of 5 in a 2,500 square foot home where one parent is home with children during the day.)

    These units are typically contained within the air handler in your attic.  The same fan that pushes the cooler air in the summertime will circulate the warm air in the winter.  The air is either heated through electrical coils or from fire fueled by natural gas.  Your HVAC repair expert will be well versed in the options, and will help to evaluate which products provide the right combination of efficiency and effectiveness for your budget.

    Heat Pumps

    An alternative to a heater our furnace in the home would be a heat pump.  This unit remains outside the home and will warm the outside air and deliver it to your air handler.  The heat pump is an exterior unit combined with your air conditioner.  There are a variety of types of systems, and the latest variable speed models run more often at lower speed, and can keep your home with .5 degrees of where you set the thermostat!  Imagine not having to deal with the peaks and valleys of the temperature as the system keeps going on and off during the day.  Check out this report from the Department of Energy regarding heat pumps.

    In some instances, our HVAC repair specialist may recommend a combined system that utilizes a heat pump and a heater.  American Standard offers matched systems which maximize the benefits of each and can provide a superior solution for your home.